Who Needs Six Flags..

Well, who needs Six Flags when life can be a rollercoaster ride itself.  Everyone’s life brings ups and downs, joy and sorrows, moments of laughter and sadness; those are all the wonderful pieces of life. Ecclesiastes 3, tell us there is a time for every season.  Some days that all is hard to recall and suddenly you are reminded of it through the voices of friends and God touches or God winks.

Today was one of those days.  I was doing too good for in house rehab but not good enough to go home.  I find since the stroke, I am a bit of a tear factory.  Poor nurses.  As of right now I am scheduled to go to Mercy Rehab tomorrow. That is dependent on the venous Doppler of my left leg.  It doesn’t seem to warm up even when then other extremities are toasty. They are also starting me on Cumeden, so that has to be monitored.

Ron brought in my iPod and as I write this tonight I have music revitalizing my spirit.  I love music and use it to motivate, sooth, emote or just groove too.  I can’t sing a lick..well I can sing but just not in tune.  My son, Nick told me when he was a little guy, “Mom, you can’t sing, but you sure can talk.”. Right now Fernando Ortega is in my ear singing “give me Jesus”.  The music today was one of my blessings.

The others were:

* Ron’s hug when the tears flowed
* The many prayers surrounding me all over the country
*  My oldest sons Facebook posts
*  my dear sister in Christ, Barb, who showed me love through making me smile and her love
*  the last one is huge. My friend Cindy came by.  Ironically I have been praying for her for months.  She came with stories, laughter and gifts.

The gifts were:
*armor all so I could remember the armor of God
*kleenex so my tears could be wiped away
* a dream catcher to be ready when I started dreaming again
*a brush because God knows every hair on my head
*a puzzle for physical therapy and even when I don’t see the whole picture he does
*a word search and another puzzle book

And then, she handed me a rock with Pray written on it. Tears tickled several eyes in the room.  A few months back I had a community prayer and healing service.  Cindy had stranded. I had prayed for Cindy, we were friends on Facebook but we had never met face to face. We had the service, laid hands on Cindy as she is on her own medical journey. Afterwards we talked. She told me that rock was anointed for someone else, she just had no idea yet.  Who knew…oh yeah God did.

The song playing is John Michael Talbot’s rendition of St Theresa prayer; Christ has no body but yours..how appropriate.  We then all prayed, Ron, Cindy, Cindy’s driver (who I can’t recall the name of..sorry) and myself. The nurse said she would leave, I asked her to stay.  What a sacred moment.

Ron scooted out to work a few hours. I ate my dinner; scewered shrimp, plain baked spud, green beans and strawberries. Blood sugar was 73 before dinner. Shift change has occurred and the nurses and aides I know have come in to say their hellos and goodbyes.  Feel like the mascot.  I miss my babies.  Thank you to the church grandmas who are doing so much.

I can’t say it enough I am so so blessed. This is one of the hardest times of my life but I am not alone. Chris Tomlin’s, “10,000 Reasons” just begun to play. I can look at life darkly or I can worship his holy name.  I am learning so much on this journey.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

8 thoughts on “Who Needs Six Flags..

  1. You continue to be such a blessing and inspiration to each of us that are privileged to know you. One of the bonds we share is our love of music. The song playing through my mind today for you was Mandissa’s “He Is With You” – based on Ecclesiasties 3 – coincidence? – I think not!!! The phrase ” when the doctor’s don’t know what to do and it scares you to the core, He is with you!” kept playing over and over in my mind. Try to enjoy to coaster ride – God is working out His plan!!! Love you!!!!!!


    1. It seems I have a song for each day. I am blessed in so many ways; one of which are my churches the other are my friendships within those churches. On my first Sunday back, we need to fin that return song for you to sing honoring the God who glorifies our lives.


  2. You and your blog are inspirations. Thank you for sharing your faith, insight and humor. You’re in my prayers daily and often!


  3. I too am most thankful for you and your blog. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this difficult journey……we all have lessons to learn…and I feel God is allowing us to learn so much through your journey. You are sharing raw emotions and feelings that not every one could share….in a simple, honest and …..I love you for this…humorous way. I am honored to pray for you……and simply ask God to hold you close and carry you through this situation…..and…..(God knows I am always going to add)…..please be quick about it!

    Sweet dreams…..the God kind…..blessings to you my friend, Shirley Freeman


  4. Stay strong Dawn I know you will. You have a very strong faith. I pray for you every nite and throughout the day. Your faith has made me stronger in my walk Thank-You
    God Bless you my friend, Susan smith


  5. Since you are talking about music, I have to share with you that it’s so neat having the kids ride with me to YMCA Day Camp. I of course listen to Joy FM and Rose will say turn up the radio I love that song and she will sing along. Such a blessing and I am reminded of how I need to look at things through the eyes of a child and be in awe of all that God has given us, especially the sweet voice of a child singing along with a song on the radio. Keeping you in prayer. Love you guys!!


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