We all fall down

Wednesday, middle of the week but honestly one day merges into the next but as a stroke victim, I have to be cognitive of the day, date, year, who is president ( although that won’t change for a few years), my name and date of birth.

Today I showered, put on my make up ( put on my lippie as Madge Bonneville used to say), got dressed, had a quick breakfast and my PT at 8 a.m.  My hand is moving a bit more but ankle and toes are not.  They are increasing my muscle relaxer to see if that releases that tone.  They will be giving me a foot brace at night.

During physical therapy they had me get on a mat.  Now these mats aren’t on the ground but raised up so you can easily sit on them.  I was asked to kneel on all fours.  Which is not easy when you no control in your left arm from the elbow down.  I was on Lol fours and asked to lift and kick back my leg.  I was doing it when my left side just decided it was done.  I fell on my my left side and not in a graceful tuck and roll but more like a collapsed building.  As I fell I was saying hello to another therapist.  I was laying there beached and laughing.  I hadn’t hurt anything but my pride.

Being in therapy is great.  They kindly push.  But you also see all sorts of characters.  The loud, the quiet, the onery, the confused, the feisty….all different degrees and areas of stokes.  Some want to be here, some want to go home and some want a bit of both.

Today I take my outing to see how I do in a store.  We are going to Target which is too as I need feminine products.  Sorry if that is too much tmi.  We are taking both the wheelchair and the cane.  Nor wearing my arm brace.  Am both excited and nervous.  Here we go..write later of my Target excursion.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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