Tuesday-last day of rehab

I slept the best I have slept since I have come here.  Woke up briefly at 3, basically slept through the blood draw, and they woke me up at 7:45.  I had breakfast in my room and almost had an epic fail. Went to take a bite of peanut butter toast and realized that it was real bread.  We got gluten free and all was good.

Did my ADL with Ashley this morning. I showered and then we had a long discussion and institutions on how to shave my armpits.  Having strokes I did not realize I would become a contortionist.  I would love to video me putting on my bra for your laughing pleasure but since it would have to include my breasts, you all miss out.  I must say watching it the mirror that it is quite amusing.

Today Ron and the crew will be down.  They will be working with them on floor transfers and with Ron doing the stairs. Ron is ready to have me home for a platitude of reasons but mostly he is tired of being a single parent.  The kiddos are trying his patience and acting up quite a bit.

I am negotiating with one of the churches to do part of the service Sunday.  I understand their viewpoint but know I need to feel some normalcy. 

Tomorrow is my performance day.  I have to go through and show them everything I have been taught to do.   So today is a bust my hump day and do as much as I possibly can and ask questions and prepare myself.

Charging my iPod.  One elderly male patient loves to hum songs.  We call it serenading.  Walter knows no words just hums.  Sweetest old guy ever.  Today he was humming Tannebaum otherwise known as O Christmas Tree, and now that song is stuck in my head.

I see a lot of new faces coming in and I see a bit of me in them.  The me when I first got here.  I see some that are so angry and defeated.  For those I always pray.  Walter said it best about someone yesterday, “too bad he can’t be happy, it would be so much easier.”. Bless his heart, he said it right.  I am luckily that I have stayed happy and tightly to my relationship with my Jesus.  I think of the book,”The Shack” and the images the author used to portray, the father, son and holy spirit.  How those brought comfort to the character.  I may not view God, as a large black woman but I view him differently than each of you.  How I view the three in one is an intimate to me.  God as the loving father, my Abba, who I can run to comfort. Jesus as my mentor and friend who lovingly guides me and gently scolds me, the Holy Spirit as my Jiminy Cricket and my gift giver.  These are my views which I have held dear to in this hospital journey and the views I will have as I continue my journey of recovery at home.  That I’ll be the hard part on this marathon.

Thank you all for your cards, emails, phone calls, gifts and mostly your prayers.  I could not do it without you.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday-last day of rehab

  1. We are very excited about you getting to come home. Please just don’t rush yourself back to work even though we do miss you in the pulpit. Continue to do what you need to do and take good care of yourself. Love you & Hugs!!!


  2. I am so glad to know you have read THE SHACK! I started it before getting so busy this summer. He had just met God in the cabin and I have to admit I was shocked at God being described as a large black woman! I will be glad to have the time to get back to it. My reading has stacked up over the summer; I so enjoy being outside working in the yard and flowers. I will have plenty to read on long snowy winter days!

    You will be coming home to some unbelievable cooler temperatures! What a blessing to have the AC off, the house opened up and spending time on my screened porch on the south side of the house in JULY! We had 4/10″ of rain during the night/early morning so everything looks bright and smells fresh. God is so good!

    I volunteer at the Hope Center on Tuesday mornings. Would you believe we actually had to much help today; that is rare and indeed a blessing! I volunteered to excuse myself and came back home. There is always something begging to be done around here! I have ironing begging for attention and a sweeper to run…..with 5 indoor/outdoor cats around here, there is always the need to run the sweeper!!! I am scheduled to work at Walmart 4pm-9pm today so will enjoy an evening of people!

    Dawn Marie, you have some so many new experiences waiting for you, especially in the next few days. I will continue to pray that God will hold you close and in an upright position! I continue to pray your tree will be loaded daily with the fruit of the Spirit! With love in Christ, Shirley


  3. Dawn, you have come such a long way already and I’m so proud of you. I’m keeping your blogs to re-read. I have enjoyed them all and your faith is so awesome. Looking forward to having you home again. Love you, Phyllis


  4. So glad you will be going home. Please don’t over do. Get the rest that you need an do what the Doctor tells you to do. Again please don’t over extend yourself.


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