My get up and go moved out

Ron and I came up with this brilliant idea to have a family day today.  I was (please note the was) relatively in low pain mode. Plan was for school clothes for the kiddos and if I was up on it a stop at my favorite Goodwill in Lake St Louis, home of a famous rap star which escapes my memory right now.

We had planned to go to Wentzville but only made it as far as Troy. For those of you not in Missouri, Troy is about 30 minutes.  Ron treated me a 10″ gluten free pizza at Stefaninas.  Conversation at dinner was what Princess wanted her name changed to. Her previous choice of Teddie had gone the wayside.  She was actually considering her nickname Princess.  Ummm not going to happen.

We thought we might find a few pair of (gasp) elastic waisted pants for me… that didn’t pan out.

We went to two re-sale shops in Troy. Ended up with 2 tops, 2 capris, 1 skirt w/ built in shorts and 2 pair of pants for Princess. Brandon got 2 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khaki pants and 4 shirts.  He went and looked at shoes every place we went.  He is his momma’s son. Even parking in the handicap parking (yes, I now have a placard) it was a lot of walking to the stores and in the stores.  I was getting wobbly and tired. 

We decided, I would rest to Wentzville and then we would hit Shnuck’s for gluten free food. But first we would stop at Sonics for shakes. Before we had gone 1 block, Princess spilled her shake on her lap getting out the cherry. She was a mess.  We stopped, got the worse of the mess and turned around. 

Got home and took off brace and laid out on the bed. Nirvana.  I was really starting to hurt badly and don’t think I could have gone another step.  Wrong…we had the chance to look at a playset for the kiddos.  Ron didn’t want me staying home alone so we begin the jaunt to Louisville. Kids were surprised and we had a nice visit with the Wilson’s as I sat in the rig.  They are a great family.  Brandon offered to move there.  We may consider it.

The kids were nonstop energy. Talking, teasing, yelling, singing.  I was in full headache mode and my nerves were getting frayed.  But of course we had to stop and get food.  So now, I have yakking pesky children and I have to face my nemesis of stores Walmart. It seems 5x larger when you have a cane and can’t walk well.  Ron found a wheelchair.  But eyebrows were raised…Lol.

I hate wheelchairs as you have no control of where you are going and how fast you go.  You can’t start or stop, you are at someone else’s mercy.  And heaven help me when the kids push, I end up being ran into racks, shelves and people.

We made it out semi alive. Pain level has increased more.  I head to bathroom. Upon getting up, I lose my balance and hit my shoulder on the left side which already feel on fire.  It hurt to the point of tears. 

Dinner was simple, rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, peaches and cottage cheese.  Ron and I realized the refrigerator needed to be free of its science experiments. So we cleaned it out, with me chucking and him wiping and disinfecting the shelves. Brandon was in charge of getting the garbage cans out.  I will not embarrass the Turner family by admitting how much went out. We now look like we have no food.

I am totally wiped out and yes I admit I have done way way too too much. I have now had my heavy duty pain pill and have a hot pad on my shoulder and neck.

Prayers for my friends who are hurting tonight and for my sister in-law Ev on the loss of her mother. You all are in my prayers.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

3 thoughts on “My get up and go moved out

  1. Im tired just hearing about your adventure today!! Dont ever do that again!! One outing a day is plenty!! Wal-mart is a deffinent NO NO NO!! Prayings for all of you. Your so funny!! Talking about the fride, you crack me up!! Love you.


  2. Welcome to the Super Mom and Wife Complex Club. Doing too much when we’re at our worst is our Mission Statement! We won’t change until we’ve changed the world to our satisfaction. The neat deal is that you have a Super Husband who is sharing all this shoulder to shoulder with you. How very wonderful! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are eloquent in showing your faith in the face of your struggles. You’re a Rock Star….and a Super Mom!


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