Catching up

I have not been in blog mode. Am on roller coaster of ups and down in moods, body and spirituality. 

Saturday’s Relay for Life was beautiful, emotional, fun and family orientated.  They earned 34K.  Loved doing the benediction, loved listening to Cindy Perkins and loved the feel of community and family.  This is an amazing place to live.

Sunday was an awesome amazing day.  God’s spirit was alive and moving.  I have loved preaching this sermon series.  I feel on fire.  Did take a fall coming down the BG steps had to get a pain pill as I hit the shoulder on the wall coming off the stairs.

Monday the kids were impossible morning and night. So by the time Ron got home I jumped his poor case.  Not saying I was all reasonable but in the midst of my “tantrum” I did have some valid points. But also was using my emotions and not my head.
Mondays mood could be attributed to my pukitis..I was so sick..and you can not run to bathroom quickly with a cane.  Probably was comical, but not to me.

I am not sleeping again.  Hate it!!

Today Princess was late to bus. At 7:05 a.m., she was still naked as a jaybird. To say the least Daddy had to drive her. I went to take her hand to sit her up and she screamed like I dislocated her arm.  I didn’t yank, i didn’t pull her..just to help her up.  She is sooo much drama. Might have a career as an actress.

Ron and I presented Psalm 126:2 Clown Ministry to the Rotary Club.  We had fun and so did they. It was a great surprise to see 32 Rotarians all in red clown noses. I will have to post a picture of this later. Hopefully, they got a lot out of it besides just red clown noses. It was a good time.

I am sitting here exhausted, knowing I probably should take a nap. But I’m a bit wired up, my mind is busy thinking.

I’m trying to recruit help 2 redo the living room. I like to freshen up the paint, paint the kitchen table and chairs, re upholster the chairs , paper buffet rearrange the living room purge the living room and and just make it look nice. I like to rdo have the room setup. Ron is really super busy so I’m hoping I can get other people to help me it’s not fair to put all that on him.

I have to get Ron credit, even though it does cause friction at times. He works two jobs, takes care of me, take care of the kids and that can’t be easy. Especially the taken care of me part. I can get a bit stubborn and it’s hard for me to have him do so much. So not only does he have to help me but he has put up with my attitude at times. Hopefully this will just be a phase and we’ll work through this too.

We’re still waiting to hear from children’s division on the adoption for the princess. It’s frustrating because they ok’d but they have not turned in the paperwork. And that’s all we need to go, will probably have another home study but we have the attorney ready to go on our end. The problem is this poor little girl is waiting and she needs a sense of closure in her life. She needs to know that she’s with us no matter what so I pray for patience everyday. Remind her that she is our daughter no matter what and I she’s staying with does forever or until she’s 18. I tell her that and she tells me she’s staying with me for ever she’s a sweet girl trying at times but sweet.

It’s interesting to see how well Brandon has done. It’s amazing that you’ve been with us for 2 years and how much is changed. He is playing soccer. He loves to read now. He loves to mow the lawn and vacuum. He smiles he laughs. And he’s like most normal pre teen children, mouth going over time at times , and thinking that he knows it all right now. He has more self esteem he has more humor he is certainly a blessing to our lives.

We left that we have the older children and the young ones. We are so remarkably proud of the older children . They are responsible they are funny. They understand about giving back to society. They’re kind they’re loving. I am so proud to be there momma. I guess when you look at it God has blessed us abundantly and maybe not through what all we have done but all we’ve done your children. Thank you Heavenly Father for what you’ve done and given and still continue to do. I am so so grateful I ask that you continue to bless my life left my husband’s bless all my children’s from the oldest one to the youngest amen.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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