Good luck, bad luck who knows

That is the title of a sermon illustration I have used before. The just of it is a family in China has one son who breaks his leg and can’t help farm, his father tells the villagers,”good luck, bad luck who knows”. The army comes to take all the able bodied men but leaves the son with the broken leg, the father says, “good luck, bad luck who knows.”

These moments are also God moments, God winks. When things happens serendipitous. Our day was like that. We had some plans today but they were flexible other than the Easter egg hunt for Baby Hubcap, the Princess and Brandon. Ron took them while the teen and I stayed at the house with grandson Nachale.

Princess won a fishing pole and pink tackle box, Hubcap won a Easter basket and Brandon $21.00. Meantime back at the home front I learned we do not wash Nachale’s hair, he turns a bit frantic. The teen was very helpful and Nachale loved her.

Ron helped play musical organs at the church and pun intended. They moved the oldest non working one to our Durango, the old new one went to the fellowship hall and the newest one just bought at auction was moved into playing position for tomorrow’s service. Ron is using the old non working unable to be fixed for the wood.

Off it was then to the Goodwill in O’Fallon (you all might recognize this from your Master Cards). There 4 pair of shorts were picked out for 3 of the mix n match crew. And Brandon found a bike for $9 he wanted. Please understand my instructions before we left the driveway of our home was…”Don’t get to much as we don’t have a lot of room.”
So Mr Softie agrees to the bike but buys a suitcase to put the clothes in so it is all good. He maneuvers the bike into the back with several Tetris like moves. Now please remember this for later.

Now off to one of my favorite stores – Family Christian Bookstore. I was picking up gifts for each of the baptismal candidates, each of the mix n match, my secret prayer pal and Ron.  I found there 50% off area for most of the things. Had 20% for my Pastor rewards card and another 30% off. Happy happy happy.

Off to Kohl where I had $10 coupon, 15% off purchase coupon and $20 in Kohl’s bucks. Expected to knock it out of park, unfortunately the $20 one doesn’t start until tomorrow but I did OK. When the Teen and I came out, we saw all the kids out of the Durango. Apparently a motorcycle dude saw that we had a flat and told Ron so Ron changed out the tire. Brandon was wanting to help but not much he could do, Ron is the hero and ‘gits er dun’. Now he has to load everything back into the rear of the rig. The Tetris skills have become lost and Brandon begins apologizing for getting the bike. The bad news was the tire good news was it was found in a parking lot and not the highway.

Two little ones are tired. Princess goes to bed without a struggle which is unusual for her. Baby Hubcap starts tossing a fit and gets mean. He don’t like me no more, he no has to go church, we are dumb, he hates me, I am mean, I won’t let him go home. I have him go to timeout, he continues to mouth off. I put him over my knee and just leave him like that, he starts hitting me in the leg with no feeling. “Cammy, I cannot feel that.” He hits harder and asks, I tell him no and to please stop. Next thing I know the little guy bites me above the knee. Good news is I felt it, bad news is I FELT it. Poor kids is just hurting and confused.

Good news eggs are boiled, bad news that is all that is done. GN: House is semi cleaned BN: People are coming over to eat. GN: it is Easter Sunday in 10 minutes BN: I have the opportunity to get 6 of us ready and out the door by 6:30 p.m,

But the truly Good News is no matter what, I am not alone. God is with me and Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice. Anybody can die but not everyone comes back from the dead.

Christ has Risen!  He has risen indeed!



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

2 thoughts on “Good luck, bad luck who knows

  1. Good grief girl; what a day that was had by all!!! I really think your life should become a reality show! It would certainly be entertaining plus…show life as it really is…not what all those other goofy shows come up with (none that I have ever watched more than once). God chose you well my dear friend! ❤


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