Doubt, wisdom, kiddos, and playing in the rain

Today was my busy busy day. Service, service, and youth group. Sermon today was “The Truth about Doubt’. I have been preaching eisegesis which is having a problem, solutions and Scripture (s) to support that.  I love this style. 
We talked of our own doubts and our own need to see to believe and how we need to bring down our walls. How we need to deal with the things keeping us from faith. How we need to use actions to be kind, do things that are positive,to try to find the good and stop being cynical. Everyday start with saying a positive thing, then work up to two..when you say something negative start over. Used John 20:29.

At the New Harmony service today, a 10 year old girl with a rare type of cancer asked to sing a song. At the end of the service I invited her up and she sang, ” How Great is Our God”. It wasn’t in tune, it was sung at break neck speed and every single word was remembered in that song and it was beautiful. I was so proud of her and I know God was beaming. At the Bowling Green service it went pretty well minus a coughing jag I had.  Took time after to talk to a few folk.

Next stop was suppose to be a quick bite but Dos Primos  was packed and service was not as speedy as usual. So it was literally; eat, pay,dash to the car and drive back to New Harmony in the torrential rain.

While waiting for our food at Dos I went and talked to a wise and scholarly colleague who tells who how it is. Doctrine wise we are a bit different but I respect him and today he said he respects me. I knew he had open heart surgery years ago and wanted to know when he felt himself again. He spoke frankly and honestly to me and it helped. He reminded me what the priorities I have;my salvation, my family, my health and then the churches. He said there will be a rollercoaster for awhile and it took him 14 months to be somewhat of what he was before. So don’t pressure myself.

Kiddos for children/youth group were wired for sound but there are awesome adult folks there. We have 3-4 men and 3-4 women. We do games, crafts, Bible lesson, snack and prayer. They are in charge of sorting and counting the Operation Christmas Child items that come in. They are doing service projects at the church. Today was Twister, Wink and Waker for games, Craft was Mother’s day plates, lesson was Lazurus, and watching an Operation Christmas Child video of where the boxes go. It is awesome to see them grow.

Going home another storm was coming in and Brandon got upset that we wouldn’t let him ride to the park. So he argued and pouted and stomped and I explained to him why. I told him if he wanted to be in the rain he could do it in the front yard. He stared at me and I just nodded. He raced out and began dancing. Soon after the Teen joined him, forgetting how cool she was. I let them play and jump for 10 minutes until I saw the first lightening and brought them in and handed them warm towels from the dryer. My mom and foster mom points went up a free notches.

They were much more enjoyable. Everyone 13 and under were in bed by 8:30. I am in bed and soon will be asleep. I have a Dr appointment tomorrow for the burst blood vessel in my left eye and this strange stuck cough. And because it in town I get to drive myself in my new or new to 2012 Ford Escape it is silver and sleek. Following in my grandparents footsteps I named my rig. They always named theirs Sam and George. I named this one Grace. As it is by God’s Grace we got it and because Grace Kelly was a star of the silver screen.  As my older sons might say ….dork.

Thunderstorms are going on and hoping it stays at that.

I have done my work



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

One thought on “Doubt, wisdom, kiddos, and playing in the rain

  1. A good post Dawn Marie; thank you for sharing so much of yourself with those who love you.

    “Grace” is a great name for your “new” vehicle; I hope you have a long and pleasant relationship. I am sure you are totally thrilled to have her and to have gained the independence she represents!

    The fellow you visited with was “spot on” with the priorities; take heed dear friend! 🙂

    So wise of you to allow the kids to “dance in the rain” until the lightning ruined the fun. The memory will be a “warm & fuzzy” of you in their hearts for a life-time.

    I pray your day is totally God blessed. ❤


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