Normal Night

   The house is quiet. Everyone is slumbering.  Well almost everyone, I am still awake trying to find a comfortable way to lay down that doesn’t hurt or beach me like a turtle on it’s back.  I am still not very good at the rolling over in bed thing.
    Plus I am either to hot or to cold. So another reason for some discomfort.  I am thinking I might be pre menopausal and that I am having hot flashes  and night sweats. The joy of aging…I have become my own heating system in the cold weather. Not too bad.
    Ron, dear husband of mine, let me sleep in today. He knew I had hit my limit yesterday. I shared these two posts on Facebook yesterday:
     “Morning started at 4 a.m. courtesy of Miss Rose. Then Men’s breakfast at 7:30 that I am honored to go to  as the pastor. 9:00 worship at New Harmony, 10:45 worship at Bowling Green, 1:30 CWF Christmas party back at New Harmony,  then Children’s play practice and home at 5:30 p.m. I dozed in my chair and slept through the Seahawks win.”
     “Favorite conversation today as I welcomed a new visitor:
Me: Welcome,  I am Pastor Dawn Marie.
Guest: You are?
Me: Yes, I am.
Guest : Your female.
Me: ( smiling ) Yes, I am.
Guest : Never seen one of them before. Guess,  we’ll give it a try.
Me: ( handing him a bulletin ) Let me introduce you to someone to sit with.”
    As I said Ron let me sleep in today.  I then did some reading and really did not do too much more. My energy level was zip and pain was high today. Just as I was feeling sorry for myself, received a message on the Pike County Center for Women’s Ministry page, that one of our dear ones was going to the ER due to her chronic pain. Which I know is 99% worse than mine. I quickly lifted her up and ask God’s forgiveness  for the beginning stages of a whine fest. I and so many others have to remember we need to be thankful for the many things we do have and remember that there is always someone worse off than us.  It can be so easy to forget.
    Tonight was a great evening for the simple normalcy of it. Christmas music softly playing, Christmas tree twinkling, and  small dog on my lap (at least until Ron comes in–I am just a lap substitute).  Brandon working on homework on the laptop adking 1001 questions amd making about the same # of comments.  Rose struggling to get organized and do her spelling words and finishes with a great flourish and cheer.
    Simple dinner of leftover ham and beans served over fried potatoes to make it stretch a bit further. This meal reminds me of my mom, so am a bit nostalgic.  Dinner conversation at the table is random and bounces sll over the place but flows rapidly and quickly to giggles and laughs. Ron shakes his head and smiles and throws out some trivia that leaves Brandon dumbfounded.
    Call from big brother Nick brings some excitement.  Brandon is yelling at the phone to Nick as I am talking to him.  Whereas, Rose asks to talk to her brother Nicky. I don’t know how much he could hear or understand as she stopped talking.  The “Littles” they idolize their older siblings.
    No television tonight for the kiddos. But no complaints. Bedtimes rituals complete and children in bed eith ease.  After they  are in bed, Ron and I  watch dvr’d episodes of the “Black List”. We stop at two and call it a night.  I did go in and laid down for a bit before I moved to the family room. Now sleep is overcoming me (YAY!!!!!) and I am ready to go fight for my spot from the littlest dog, Riley.  He assumes that the bed is his if you do not claim your spot and that  he is the Alpha. We usually sort this out quickly, with me winning.
    Life is not perfect but it is a good life. We do have it pretty durn good.  I thank God daily for all my blessings.  I like many others need to look toward the sunny side of thingd and chrrish those.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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