Don’t Wanna Move and Other Angry Words

This is the battle cry of the children in our home. It is heart wrenching for a momma to hear. Some of the phrases we have heard from the Teen and the Princess:

“You hate me!”

“I will never make friends.”

“You can’t make me.”


“Only my girlfriend understands me.” (As this is the 3rd girlfriend in 2 months.)

“You are the worst family ever. ”

“I am leaving and you can’t find me ever.”

“Let me stay.”

“You are making me miserable on purpose.”

“Why? You are so selfish.”

“My life will be just over.”

“I will never make any more friends.”

All these are said with the flair of drama and anger and confusion. This is difficult for them to understand why we are doing this. 

We have explained and explained. We have given them the benefits of moving closer to family. The opportunities in a bigger place. But we are meanie faces. Forcing our Missouri kiddos to move to a foreign and strange land. You would think we were moving them to the nether regions of Timbuktu than to Southeastern Idaho.

The guilt sets in at times but we know this is necessary for our future.  We need to do this for health, for a desire to be with family, the pressures and to alleviate the loneliness.  Is this just for the adults in this home, I hope not. I hope they soon understand we are doing this out of love and hope for their futures. 

We don’t want our princess running into her bio parents on the streets or stores in town. We want to move our teen out of town before bio mom and dad are released from prison.  We want to protect them.

Occasionally, they slip up and show excitement of the move and new home. Princess has claimed the “village” of play houses built on the property. The Teen shows glimpses of excitement about the zero turn and 4 wheeler being left and the idea of a creek to go fishing. He will catch himself and return to a sullen moody back talking growling version of my son.

We are moving, I hope they will get excited by the time we hit the border of Idaho. Actually by Nebraska would be nice but I may be hoping for too much.

Come the 18th, we will begin our journey away from Bowling Green, MO with sadness but for Ron and I hope and excitement.  A new journey in our lives begin even if we are the worst meanest parents in the whole entire world.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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