Moving, lost truck and hard adjustments

Life has been a bit hectic lately. We packed thanks to the help of many. We drove across the country thanks to Dustin. We stayed 7 days with my sister-in-law. We moved into our new home. We got hot water today. We cannot find any phone jacks in the house. And our house talks to us, every time a door opens it tells us which door. The kids find this to be a novelty as the doors open and close quite often.

We had a whirlwind closing. We left the house in Bowling Green and we had our closing two weeks later. The house is huge. 6 bedrooms, two bathrooms,  an eat-in kitchen,  formal dining room,  family room on one third acre but no phone jack to be found.

We arrived on a Saturday. Register the kids for school on Monday and they started school on Wednesday. The princess being excited and the and the teenager terrified. I start work tomorrow. I meet my new secretary and have my first board meeting tomorrow night. And guess what I am kind of nervous too.

We hoped to be all moved in by now but the moving truck has not arrived. It went to Texas and unloaded in Texas and then reloaded in Texas. For some reason the price went up and we cannot get our stuff so we pay the additional price. We have contacted the Attorney General and the BBB. But they can’t do anything at the moment so we have to pay the price. They say our truck is 10000 pounds overweight. It must not have been on a good diet from all its travel around Texas. It’ll be nice to sleep in a bed and have clothes and just have our stuff.

We seem to be missing things we thought we had on the trailers that Ron brought up but things seem to be missing. You don’t realize what you need and what you don’t need. Life can become very simple. It’s amazing how much a empty house echoes. It is even more amazing the time you spend together without your things but just with one another.

There have been stresses. Having the kids stay at 83 year’s old house it’s not all peaches and cream. When they’re not used to loud noises and you have very loud children it makes for some interesting days. The kids are struggling; a new place, a new house,  new schools, new family and need challenges. 

Teenage angst is at a high level and filled with testosterone. Fluctuates from happy too angry and then just being silly. He has been a Workhorse and we’ve been very proud of him. Few outbursts but mostly been pretty good. Although his mouth can work overtime.

Our Princess though has developed an attitude. She doesn’t like the word no and reacts strongly. She got upset at Daddy and ran off yesterday. She had on a cute pink nightgown, one hightop tennis shoe and one sock. She took off down the street and then went through a fence. I found them at a cul-de-sac with Daddy chasing her and she running like the wind. She was cutting through backyards and just trying to stay away from everyone. She got away from us and I did not know where she went. My heart sunk to my stomach. She has no concept of the size of this town, the directions of the area or that this town consist of strangers and a lot of them.

I finally had to call the Sheriff’s Department. Ron was still out looking and I had 5 Sheriff SUVs pull into the driveway. What a wonderful way to meet our new neighbors. She was gone two hours and found two miles away. A nice stranger ran her down and caught her. He’s a runner and said that she was fast and had a good wind. I didn’t know when she returned to hug or or to yell at her. I chose to hug and and hug her hard. The deputy talk to her and explain that she couldn’t do this. I’m scared that we might have to have them see her again. She keeps on talking about running back to Missouri and living with her favorite adult friend. This happens when she is angry and hates us. Next time, which I hope is never,  I hope she leaves with two shoes. The deputies said she was easy to identify. 

This move has been a blessing mixed with stress mixed with laughter and a myriad of emotions.  I, in a role reversal, have been the calm one rooting myself in prayer and study. Someone told me Satan is sure being onery with us. I can feel the challenges or opportunities but I am content and thriving. 

We will get the kids into counseling and into activities. They already love time with their cousins and love their adult cousins. We still have to line up doctors and all that fun stuff. But we our off to a great start and new beginning. 

New beginnings 

Unabridged start

Learning from the past

Eyes now forward

New beginnings

A fresh mark

No turning around

Pushing onward 

Fresh beginnings

Unabridged start



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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