Broken things

I’ve held off on writing this as it was so painful. You put your trust in Movers and expect them to not harm your things. You expect them to treat it like their own. You expect them to respect you and your family items.

Our move should have been one of joy and of ease. We had discussed whether to move ourselves or hire a moving company, due to aches, pains and me not able to help much we opted to have movers. It started out as a good relationship but quickly changed. They arrived 2 days late which allowed us no time to clean the home. Thank you Hannah Betz and famity for your kindness. 

Then we arrived in Idaho and we’re told our truck would be late and there was a $2240 increase due to the fact we were 10,000 lbs over. We argued that until we were blue in the face. I make a cute Smurfette, Ron definitely was Angry smurf.They had us over a barrel so we had to delay the movers until payday.So we have a few days to sleep on mattresses in our new home. A few weeks became two weeks.

Finally we receive a call on Friday that our things will be there Saturday. Yay, beds to sleep on.Saturday comes and goes. Oops no beds. We hear from the dispatch that the truck will be here at 2:00 p.m. Yay beds!

So  perfect this will be after my first Sunday in the pulpit as the new church. Sunday morning arrives, I am a bundle of excited nerves. I realize my youngest daughter has no Sunday clothes. She did have shorts that she has outgrown in height where they are a touch too short. I had a sneaking suspicion they may not be appropriate. So 3a4ly Sunday, I am at Walmart buying her dress shoes and a dress. 

Church is wonderful.  We go home and wait. Two o clock arrives and no truck. 3 and 4 o clock, no truck. 5 o clock a truck arrivesbut no weigh ticket. So off they go to get it weighed.  Apparently their 20 minutes became a hour and fifteen. They finally arrive with the intention to unload. Excitement is in the air. Yay beds!

Wait, wait once again. Company told them,get the check first and then open the truck. After that, I take a picture of all the paperwork. We have the weigh ticket. Shows we were over but only ny 1600 lbs. SO Now we are ready! Time to unlock the truck!

Kids are outside waiting and you can feel the excitement. The truck opens and we are horrified. We see crushed boxes, bikes taken apart and Ron’s antique guitar and case balanced precariously on top. The kids only see the dismantled bikes.

So it begins, as they begin to unload we find broken pictures, my grandma’s custom made large mirror shattered but no glass in the blanket, broken desk, jewelry case with broken legs and the top torn loose, my mom’s big clock…and it went on. The freezer door falling off. Ron is angry, I am in tears. The kids are upset. Our daughter and son in were trying to keep us calm. The poor drivers are taking the brunt of our emotions.  We begin to take pictures.

We made sure our beds were in place. And we slept or the kids slept, Ron and I  prayed and talked. Morning came and we hoped for a better outcome out of the crushed boxes. No such luck. My grandparents China lost 16 pieces, angels and ceramic figurines shattered, photo glass broken…68 pictures later we stopped. Laying on a carpet in the living room were broken items. Memories remained but the things that had meaning were gone. Not to be handed down to my children as the they were bequeathed to me.

Ironically, most of the things broken were mine. It felt like a personal attack. Satan was making it an attack on me and my family. Reaking havoc on my emotions and my well being. My daughter said that God must have great plans for me. I know I willnot be defeated. 

We now have sent every picture to the moving company. We have reported them to the BBB and the Attorney General of Florida.  We have put in our claim and waiting to here from the insurance company.  In the meantime all the broken things stay where they are until we know what to do.I would love my stuff all back and whole but we feel we are owed something.

On a good note; we love our new home. We have a lot of setting up to do. My daughter set up the kitchen, so one room done. We predict that Rose’s room will never be done. She works at Rose speed. Brandon has spread to two rooms, so we have to convince him to condense. 

We look forward to setting up the guest rooms and receiving guests. One room will have my mom’s teacups, her bears and some of my grandparents momentos. The other room will be our western styled room. I’d like it be boy friendly for our grandson.

We have a lot of projects with the new home. Our first project is healing from our moving trauma. I believe deeply in forgiveness but sadly, I am not to that point. So I pray that time will come soon.

In the meantime we pray, we pray and we draw close to God and one another,



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

One thought on “Broken things

  1. I’m so sorry for your troubles…….I have no words…..from your description of your belongings and the delays and rerouting… sounds like the truck your stuff was on was in an accident…..if that was the case… would think the moving company would tell you…….Praying for you and yours my sweet friend!!!


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