Parental Angst and Teen Anger

Growing a teenager is a balancing act due ro raging hormones and their illisions of grandeur. They are smarter than you, know more than you and you are deemed as unnecessary except when they are hungry or they want something.

They may perk up when you say words like pizza, cell phone, Dr Pepper, wi-fi and food. You get glares at words like homework, chores and be nice to your sister. You get anger when you ask for the tv to be turned down, put your cell phone away at night or heaven forbid ask them to talk to you.

Watching your sweet little fuzzy headed boy who would talk a 100 miles per minute and loved hugs and wanted to spend time with you become a teen.A self isolated, sullen, silent, stay away from us child. What makes this happen?

The parents of these teens who are mostly sane and rational want to maintain that sanity. The teen knows you want to be sane so it becomes the challenge to push your buttons. You can try to ignore that behavior knowing you can be the bigger person.  But they push and dig and before you know it, you blow a gasket. Then they win. But it truly  is no one’s win.

This is not the first teenager I have raised and after this I have one more to raise. Some  we had only  in foster care. Some of those were tough nuts to crack. Some were just biding there time until they aged out. This teen though challenges me more than I ever imagined. My two bio kids were a blessing compared to this but my memory may be vague as that was a bit ago.

I pray every night, well actually probably every minute, that I can live through time. I only have 5 more years with him and then the Princess…oh my a teenage girl. I better just stay on my knees.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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