Dieting. Dogs and other Doozy’s


I have been on the wonderful (please note sarcasm) Whole30 diet for one month . My skin is clearer, my blood sugars have been lower and my pants are saggy. That is the wonderful part. The not so wonderful part this is not a real diet as much as a complete lifestyle change.

So my days of bread, dairy, sugar,  (real and fake) foods and drinks and any and all processed foods or chemically enhanced foods may be at the end. You might say that isn’t bad. In a sense it is great. But my head thinks it is missing bread, rice, pasta and, cheese, yogurt, canned veggies and canned miscellany and real milk. Sometimes my stomach too wonders why it is not getting fried chicken, potato salad and corn on the cob. Which are all three no-no’s. I keep telling my brain and stomach we can do this and not slip back to eating bacon with my eggs or pizza. We no longer have pizza nights for the whole family. They get pizza and I have a salad with no cheese, no croutons, and an oil, vinegar and lemon concoction that I have made as the dressing.

Most evenings I cook two meals. Theirs might be spaghetti, Mac n cheese, beans and rice, homemade chicken noodle soup or a taco casserole. Me I will have; a lean meat, potato (baked with clarified butter or ghee)or oven roasted potato, or fried potato in an nonstick pan with a bit of cocunut and a steamed veggie . Dessert is some dried fruit or fresh fruit. Sounds gloriously healthy. I have stuck to it faithfully with only two cheat days where I didn’t cheat as much as I could of (I felt guilty).  It really isn’t too bad but hate the Dr insinuated that I was grossly obese and if I didn’t lose weight a gastric sleeve will be necessary. I am overweight but not gastric sleeve overweight. I have no clue as what I have lost yet as I was told not to weigh myself until my Dr visit. 

Today I went to get my INR (blood test to see if your blood is to thick or thin). I have to do this as I take Coumadin, a blood thinner. Due to miscommunication over if was my family doctor or hemotologist in refilling the prescription (and both are a Dr. Adams-husband and wife and trouble communicating who was doing the refill), I went four days without the med. When I went into it was a 1.0 which is too thick for people take Coumadin aka Warfarin, they would like it to be 2.5-3.0. So my blood was to thick. (I have heard of thick skinned before and there I am being differen and being thick blooded. I think They should call it rich blooded, it sounds fancier.) They called in the prescription but to the wrong Walmart pharmacy (yep, we have two in our town). After much craziness the lost was found. Now we get to thin out the blood but not make it to thin.


In our craziness of loving dogs and my strange need to fill a space after one of our four legged fur babies die, we got another dog. Are we nuts, probably. We got this dog for the Teen. A Labradoodle, who needed to be re-homed. We got him for a basement value price. He is seven  months old, black with a white beard, he is big and he is a slobbery goofball. He was formerly named Divot but now is Gizmo. I adore this dog. The Teen loves him but doesn’t take care of him as he should. Gizmo has chosen me. When I go on the stairs, he gets under my hand and walks me down the stairs. He searches for me and drops toys in my lap or rubs or leans on me. 

He and Chrissy (the Princesse’s dog), who is eight months old, play and play. Up the stairs, down the stairs, around in circles until they both drop in exhaustion. This doesn’t last too long and then they are back in play mode. It tires you out just watching them. I think though they are good for each other.

Ralphie, now the elder statesman, accepted Gizmo rather well. He got after him one time in a major way to establish who is the alpha. Ralph does not like it when one of his people get between him and Gizmo. There is grumbling and a snap toward him with his tail wagging. But he has established he was here first so you better show respect.


Let me see. The Teen suddenly has gone from F’s to A’s. God does work miracles. He has the incentive of no permit unless his grades improve. I am so proud of him for stepping up his game.

He still struggles with his mental diagnoses and hates taking his meds. It is a constant battle. He is like a lot of folks, they are feeling fine so why take the meds. We keep on telling him he is feeling good because he is taking the meds. I am praying this will not be his demon. He is a great kid and now we need to convince him. We have a great team working with him at the Pearl Center. We still struggle with technology and screen times.

Our Princess is still her unique quirky child. She is starting to develop and we (I) have to remind her to wear her training bra. She is maturing in body but has the mentality of an eight to nine year old. She will come up with crazy statements that make you crack up.  She talks so fast and unclearly that you wonder if she is speaking in tongues but then we realize she has no translator.  She only leaves her regular classroom two times a day for a half your each time. She is maintaing her grades in a regular classroom at a C average. That is amazingly excellent.

She has not wandered off for quite awhile and I pray she doesn’t. Knock on wood. She loves being outside in the dirt, riding her bike on our dead end street or playing in the play house. She still imitates a racoon by taking things she likes to her ro her room and hiding it. Usually if something is missing we know where to look. 

With her nothing is boring. On Sunday she caught fire while lightening candles at church. Luckily I caught it as she went down the stairs. No one else saw was happening due to the  Passing of the Peace beginning. I saw it and quickly snapped her dress and and quickly patted out the flames. She was more upset that her dress lining that made her dress poofy had melted and that is was a brand new dress. She is always full of excitement. 

Never a dull moment with our youngest two.

Ron and I are unchanged. We work, take care of the kids, pay bills and are finnaly  starting  to do house projects. There is a lot of yard work and straightening up still to do. Hopefully we are actually seeing Spring. We still have a few rooms to decorate. I have been still sorting things and organizing what we do have and at times mourning the items we lost.

I have finally started going through boxes of my mom’s things. Mostly pictures and paperwork. I am labeling the pictures for future generations. I found death certificates of several family members. My grandfathers WWII Navy records. I found a reccomendation letter from a Spokane funeral home where my grandfather apprenticed. I have found a copy of my great grandmother’s will on my grandpa’s side. I have found a letter written by my great grandfather on my moms side, written in 1938, explaining his family history as written to a friend named George. I found my mom and stepdad’s and my maternal grandparent’s original marriage certificates and I am still sorting. My wonder is will any of my children be interested in these things. The two eldest boys know some of these people but will they want these things if I pass onto the afterlife.

Healthwise, Ron is healthy as all get out. My mom once said I would be taking care of him due to our age difference. Ironically it is the other way around. He cares for me on so many levels; emotionally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes I feel like a huge burden but he says we married for sickness and health, richer and poorer now all we have to do is wait for healthy and rich. But I always hear The words, “I love you” and his actions and works for this family shows his love, patience and commitment to all of us. It is unconditional. 

The aneurysm at times weighs heavily on us. We know the size and the possibilities. We know my stress is supposed to be limited. Hello, I have two special need kids and one is a teenager. I try to not think of it and just go on with life. I can’t dwell there but at times your mind goes there. I believe  that is when the devil is at work on me. Stupid devil.

I have written more than I planned tonight. It is now 2:52 a.m. and I am having one of my insomnia nights. These are the nights where I can’t fall asleep no matter my best intentions so I write or would be properly called typing. I am sorry if this was rambling and I probably put you to sleep after the first paragraph. If that is the case I better read it so I can go to the Land of Nod.

Blessings abound to you all.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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