Going Down

The phrase going down today has a double meaning. It’s going down in blood sugar and it’s going down in the physical type of falling. Both are quite interesting and quite challenging in their unique way.

Good news,good news!! Since being on The Whole30 diet my blood sugar’s have dropped. If you knew me proor to this diet,you know that’s miraculous. I have not been a great one to deal with blood sugars or frankly my diabetes. I have ranged normally in the the upper 200’s to lower 200’s. On this Whole30 diet I have a tendency to have lows. My blood sugars are great when they’re good being in the the 120 to 90 range. But now I struggle with huge drops or what we call lows. My numbers have dropped as low as 58. These lows leave you feeling disoriented and for me my vision constrains. I see little lights in front of my eyes.

So I am learning to live with controlling my sugars on a new diet. I just have to listen to my body closer. Speaking of my body (ok you weren’t but I had to find a segue). I have not yet had my way in but my belt loops keep moving and I have been able to fit into some of my clothes much better. I am finding that I don’t miss many of the foods that are not allowed. Yes, even bread and chocolate. Still trying at times to succumb my desire got a Starbucks white chocolate mocha single shot with whipped.

I find myself eating a healthy non cheese non McDonalds breakfast.We are saving a bunch not eating the easy out of mom’s everywhere–fast food and pizza delivery. My kids are sure that I am making them suffer. Why is it that I think the first words out of a child’s mouth after dada and mama is McDonalds? My kids and my beloved are probably suffering more than I am. Our house has become a no junk food zone. According to the Princess I am starving her from the good stuff. I am such a horrible mom…call Children’s Division. Oh wait, she has threatened me with that for making her starve because she didn’t want the apple, she wanted cheeze puffs.

Now to the other fall or make that plural falls. Sit back for this tale or I am going to say tails. We in our insanity have three dogs; our old man Ralph, who is one of the originals, Chrissy who is the Princesses’ pup is aour german shepherd/border collie mix and our

rescue dog and now we have Gizmo.

Gizmo is a labradoodle pup that people were rehoming. We got him at a bargain basement price. If you know me, I wont pay an arm or a leg for a dog with a pedigree but he cost as much as a rescue in this area. Gizmo was named Divot but he is truly a Gizmo. Eight month old slobbery goofball who forgets he is a monster. He loves attention and is a sweetie. Did I mention he is a big eight month old pup?

We have a run line from our back door out about 20 feet until we get a fence built. I usually let them out in a certain order; the old man, the little girl and then Gizmo. I was doing great today. Ralphie went out and in, Chrissy went out and last but not least Gizmo.

Gizmo is afraid to go down the stairs. Why? I have no clue. So you have to encourage him with the word “Go”. I was encouraging him with the door partially open and then this streak of fur rushes by me. Chrissy had snuck out by me. Now anyone who knows about border
collies knows they are quick little buggers. I assumed (you have heard about what it means to aaume) she was running to the dog run which is in the baxk corner….nope. She was doing laps around the yard with me frantically calling her.

Now a quick sidenote. I am not nimble nor graceful since my strokes. My version of what I would call running you all would call something else. It is a strange hobble wobble drag leg thing. A 90 year old man could feasibly outrun me.

I totter down the back patio stairs that has no stairs. Trying to chase herdown. The dog juked me so many times. Heading to the front yard sending me into a panic as Sunnyside is next to our house. Sunnyside is a four lane busy road and we already had lost our Minnie to that road.

As soon as I am heading toward the front she flies by me to the backyard. I attempt to pivot and end up on the ground. Next to me was a brick half wall we haven’t figured out wh is there. I know now why, it is a “Dawn getter upper”. While I am working my way up, I look up and the great big bumbling galoot has snapped the run line.

So now I am chasing two dogs frantically calling their names like a crazy lady.(Please no comments on that from the peanut gallery.) I am getting panicky. Gizmo goes by and I stepped on the dangling off of the run line. Next thing I am laying on the ground with the air knocked out of me.

Chrissy never slows down. Gizmo comes over to check on me and I am able to grab him and use him to help me up. Helps to have a friendly giant. Chrissy is on lap 200 of the yard. I am able to somehow drag Gizmo back into the house. Please your imagination to how that had to look.

Chrissy now sees her buddy is going into the house and she hesitates. I grab the doggie treat bag and shake it. She comes closer and then darts into the house. She is panting, I am panting and the other two dogs are looking back and forth at us.

As I hobble into the breakfast nook, I look down at my Converse Chucks and see in my foray, I found some special surprises that the Teen swore he had been picking up every day. I am just blessed that any other part of me was not surprised.

So now I am sore from my falls and my bllod sugar is low at 60. So the moral is there are benefits to white cocolate mochas and don’t fall for any dogs.



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

2 thoughts on “Going Down

  1. Nice Post , I am a firm believer in dieting , i think a lot of today’s health problems go hand in hand with our food choices. Glad you doing better with you sugar levels
    Keep it up


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