A Wedding Story

My son, Nicholas, requested I share my wedding story on this blog. As he is one of my children how could I not honor his request.

Ron and I met when we were both married to our first spouses. No We did not have a torrid affair. We were good friends but I had my marriage and he had his. We both attended the same business college and served on the student board. I was President and he was Vice President, so we were often on the same committees or in the same meetings. 

I did not find Ron to be to my taste. He was in a wheelchair with injuries from a fall. He wore polyester (polyester does melt when you burn it -but that is another story). He smoked and told corny jokes. He is no longer in a wheelchair, he now smokes e-cigs, does not wear polyester but the jokes remain.

Time and life happens in ways not planned. I ended up a divorced 27 year old. He became a divorced 39 year old. We had maintained our friendship and talked often. It came to a time where we were more than best friends. (I am skipping some portions of this tale for time reasons and for other stories.)

Ron didn’t really propose on bended knee. It just kind of happened. He did ask my sons Patrick and Nicholas permission to marry. Patrick was eight and Nicholas was six. Patrick had no issue but Nicholas have Ron a rather stern lecture on the dangers of smoking.

We decided to get married in Coure d’Alene, Idaho. You could get your license on the same day as you married. We decided on December 11, 1993. We packed our car the day before  we were to leave on a Thursday morning. So Wednesday night everything was placed in our car to leave. Thursday morning we wake up to our car broken into and no stereo system, a broken window and a few other things taken. So to Hermiston from the Tri-Cities we had to go.

At that time Ron was a car salesman at Harley Swain Subaru and that is where the car had been purchased from and they were willing to do a quick fix to get on the road.

So we leave later now on Friday morning with Patrick and Nicholas in tow. We arrive in Coure d’Alene and check into our hotel room. It is late so we eat and then go to our room. It has two double beds. The boys sleep with me and Ron gets a bed to myself. Perfect for a night before the wedding night. We turn on the television and watch the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) Finals.

In the morning we start our wedding prep. We were into our western stage and going to a lot of rodeos. Also it was the Garth Brooks era. I say all this to make you understand our attire. Ron wore jeans, boots and a loud flamboyant Garth shirt with a western belt and buckle. The boys were in matching mini Garth shirts, jeans stacked over their boots and rope belts threaded through the buckle with a bit hanging down. I, the bride, wore a burgundy broom skirt, a white lacy long sleeve shirt and a velvet brocade vest. My shoes were lace up granny boots. (We still have his shirt and my vest.)

Dressing complete we head to get our license and go get married. License was a breeze. Making the appointment wasn’t. We thought we could just show up and we’d get it done…nope we had to wait until 11:30. Ok I am nervous as all get out. But we have over two hours to wait. Ron decided that we would tour the city. 

I was getting cold feet, better yet they were ice cold. The more he drove around, the more nervous I got and I began to panic and told him that we could drive back home. Luckily, he ignored me. After touring the town and the lake and the town and lake, it was time.

We headed to the Hitchin’ Post for our 11:30 wedding. Nicholas was to hold the rings and Patrick would take pictures. We had brought a cassette player and a cassette of a Joe Diffie and Mary Chapin Carpenter song, “Too Much to Ask”. We began the wedding with someone with two first names, Billy Bob or Don Bob. 

I got all misty eyed and deeply moved. Patrick was snapping pictures left and right. Nicholas held the pillow just right. It wasn’t a long wedding, I think another couple was booked at 11:45.

After the nuptials we are famished and go to eat. We go to a rather decent restaraunt. I get a shrimp cocktail thinking it is fancy and the boys got ice cream. The hotel had given us a coupon book for the outlet mall, so we headed there. I got a free salt water pearl necklace. Then went to the toy store for the boys. 

The boys wanted to go see a movie, so we find a movie theater. We get to see the 3 Musketeers. The theater has these wonderful reclining chairs. I am looking forward to holding my new husbands hand during the movie. Instead I have a boy on each side of me.

We return to the hotel. I had bought a modest nightie, knowing the boys would be there. I am looking forward to cuddling with my husband in our bed at the hotel. The boys aren’t having that, they want to sleep with Mom. I put on my raggedy t-shirt and shorts and climb into bed with my children given my husband’s bed a wistful gaze. PBR is turned again and we doze off to sleep on our wedding night.

Thus begin our marriage….wait until you hear about the honeymoon.

P.S. Once we had the wedding pictures developed we found something interesting, Ron had no head or a partial face in the pictures. My son had done a wonderful job taking pictures of his 4’11” mom but not so great as getting his step dad into the pictures. The joke now is I can put anyone’s head into our wedding photos. 



I am a wife, mother, and pastor. We moved from Bowling Green, Missouri to Idaho Falls in 2016. I am a native of Eastern Washington state. In 2013 I had 2 strokes in 8 days and this is my journey of faith, family and health. I believe no matter what happens in your life that God can use it for His glory.

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