Catching Up

I have been told that I have not written in awhile and for this I apologize. Work has been extremely busy, to the point I come home exhausted and really have little to no energy.

When I am extremely tired, my voice seems to go on hiatus.  I was close to no voice for a number of days. Which causes me concern. My voice is my tattler to how I am doing; raspy strangled voice with hard to talk and breathe at same time means….Dawn Marie has over done it or is just plain tired. 

This week has been another difficult one. Another funeral to officiate at and the Lord’s Acre Sale out at New Harmony. Tip to everyone at an auction, listen closely to what the auctioneer is saying, before you raise your hand.

Tomorrow is board meeting, worship, worship, board meeting and youth group. Should be a piece of cake….hahaha.  I have God to lean on for my strength, so Father pour over me and anoint me with the strength of your Holy Spirit.

Kiddos are doing great. They bring me such joy and laughter. Some of the things they say and do are so precious and tickle us to death.  Sometimes I think we were temporarily insane for taking on two more kiddos. But loving these two and seeing the changes brings pure joy.

Eyes are closing so Goodnight and God bless you all. Remember to live each day like it is your last and share God’s good news.


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